What’s Next?

This past weekend in Bluffton was awesome! Good food, fellowship, fishing, and time in the Word not to mention a powerful challenge from Kirk Cameron. As we leaned into several topics like family, work, country, and a man’s calling – the question we all left with is “What do we do next?”. “Doing” is a massive part of being a man. Men get things done. Men solve problems. Men take action. Men have a calling and seek to live it out.

Some men are called to run for office, some to build a business with Biblical principles, others to do daring things for the Lord. I believe that God is stirring in the hearts of men, calling us out of our slumber and into action. So where do we start?

We start with a clear examination of our own lives. We allow God to shape, groom, prune, and re-organize our lives so we can be fixed before we seek to fix the world around us. Yes, our world needs to be fixed and we do play a role. It begins with total submission to Christ and a collective of God-fearing, Word-believing men conforming into the image of Christ.

Men, the Bible is clear. If we seek His will, He will make our paths straight. He will bring the rains for the garden (Leviticus 26:4). He will prosper your work and order your steps (Proverbs 16:3). He will carry you through the dark places (Isaiah 45:3)! He will protect you from evil and watch over your life (Psalms 121:7-8) And the list goes on and on. So what’s our problem? If God really will do all this, why do I fail to surrender, why do I doubt?

The worst place in the world to be is straddline the fence. Standing with one leg of faith grounded in the Word, and the other leg wobbling on the uneven ground of the world. This is is no way to live one’s life. God is clear; the double minded man is unstable in all his ways! (James 1:8). As a business owner, I had to commit fully to growing my business if I wanted to be successful. Long hours, limited distractions, disciplined investing, and discerned actions. My hands and feet needed to follow what my mouth said.

I believe wholehearted, undivided commitment is necessary if we want God to show up in our family life, home life, business, city, and country. So here’s what we do next. We do the hard work of self-examination and abide in Christ allowing God to work through us.

RTM was started in faith to help men like me and you step forward and allow God to direct our steps. If we all did this, hearts will become whole, families will be fortified, and flames of revival in our country would spark.

One final thought connected to our need to memorize and meditate on Scripture – one acronym for RTM (in addition to Red Truck Men) is Read The Manual! Don’t just be readers of the manual (God’s Word) but doers. A few verses to memorize this week that helped me and I hope will help you are: James 1:22, Romans 8:28-29 & 1 Timothy 6:12.