The Greatest Work To Which We’ve Been Entrusted

There will come a day when we all stand before God and will be judged according to our work.  Assuming that each of you have been saved by the Work of Jesus, completed on the cross, you’ll find yourself in God’s presence at the glorious gates of heaven. This location is known as the Judgement Seat of Christ (or Bema Seat). “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.” – 2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬. Imagine standing at the pearly gates of heaven as Jesus approaches to evaluate your life. The weight of God’s glory would drive you to your knees and the majesty of His presence would beckon you to worship. As anyone who enters the presence of a King, you wouldn’t utter a word but would pray for affirmation. As you continue to lay prostrate, you long to hear the following praise ‘Good work my faithful son’ (Matthew 25:23).

A kind and authoritative voice breaks the silence, “One million seven hundred and thirty-two.” At first, you well up with a sense of excitement knowing that heavenly rewards are bestowed on faithfulness followers! “1,000,732! Is this the amount of crowns I’ll be receiving?”  Excitement shifts to befuddlement as you think back on how you spent each moment on the earth.  Then comes the haunting explanation: ‘One million seven hundred and thirty-two is the number of men that God put in front of you throughout your life. Men that you were supposed to lead to the Lord; men you had an impact and disciple. For many of these people, you were the only source of light and now they find their final resting place in hell.’ 

What? How can this be, you ask.  I was not a pastor or missionary. I never went to seminary. I had a normal job like everyone else. Then God spoke! You are my child; for this I am proud. I created you, saved you, gifted you and resourced you. As a follower of Christ, I gave you a clear job- to make disciples. You wasted an opportunity to disciple millions. Afraid to question the King, you think to yourself “I’ve never met one million men in my life.” Then the Lord gently brings reminders to your mind that span 40+ years of your life. James at Starbucks, Peter who bagged your groceries, Carll the Uber driver, Jonathan your neighbor. The count is real – one million seven hundred and thirty-two. At this point, the weight began set in.

My son, I blessed you with many challenges on earth so you could be a beacon of hope and a honeycomb of wisdom for men with similar struggles. You were to be a light in the darkness; not to be put under a table or hid under a basket. I also gave you time. Time that allowed you to invite others into your house and into your life. My son, he said, I still love you and we will still spend eternity together but there could be many more, had you walked out the steps of faithful works that I set before you. As I woke up this morning, this story was in my head. What would it look like if we take responsibility for the men that God brings along our path? How would our life and faith be different if we constantly had our head on a swivel looking to introduce others to a saving faith in Jesus. 

Men, we are accountable before God for every conversation we hold and adversely for every individual we fail to engage. It’s time to put in some work. To never meet a stranger. To guard against complacency and passivity.  This is why Red Truck Men was created. When God brings someone into my life, I can immediately invite them into an environment where we enjoy a cup of coffee, eat a great breakfast then connect and study God’s Word. RTM is an army of men who are pursuing honor and constantly recruiting more men to taste and see that the Lord is good.  Just this week I’ve met three guys that I’ve invited to RTM in Bluffton and Charlotte. Here’s my conviction and my challenge to you – steward your opportunities well. This is incredible work that you’ve been entrusted. God is clear in His Word that He wants us to be a light to the world and city on a hill (Matthew 5:14-16). He also gave each of us unique stories and challenges so we could speak into the lives of other men. I don’t know about you but if we’re going to spend eternity somewhere with a Father who loved us enough to sacrifice His Son, I want him to be proud of me. Let RTM be a tool to help you learn God’s Word and do God’s will. Speak boldly; steward effectively; labor tirelessly. 

Be blessed,

Steve Thomas