The Delayed & Destructive Consequences of Sin

God’s grace is a central theme in the Bible. This unmerited favor is the greatest gift one could ever receive. Why? Because we, as men, are imperfect and flawed. We ALL have a tendency towards sin. Sin is an unbelievably destructive force. It wreaks havoc on marriages, families, relationships, businesses, and governments. God has a clear warning in His Word – dabbling in sin won’t end well. Romans 6:23 tells us that the wages of our sin is death, and James 1:15 says that sin, when fully grown, gives birth to death. This isn’t just referring to physical death; rather a decay of all that is good.

Years ago, a wise man told me that ALL SIN HAS CONSEQUENCES. IT’S ALWAYS DELAYED AND IT’S ALWAYS WORSE THAN YOU THINK. Satan hates that truth. He longs to see men consumed by evil and complacent with sin.

This is why Satan, the author of sin, always disguises it as something we want or need. As men, we may convince ourselves that we need to be with a woman, so we temporarily hook up with someone or indulge in internet activities. While it may seem like a quick solution, it ultimately leads to long-term destruction: the death of a marriage, a current relationship, or a future one. All men face this, not just some—ALL of us.

As men, we must realize that God truly wants to protect, prosper, and grant us eternal life with Him. On the other hand, a destroyer exists—Satan! Satan wants the exact opposite. He never protects us, he never wants us to prosper, and worse, he wants us to die and spend eternity in Hell!

If we willingly engage in sin, do we do it without reason? Well, yes! Sin always masquerades itself. Satan isn’t stupid! He will never show you the outcome of sin when he tempts you with it. As a single or married man, Satan will not show you a failed marriage when he tempts you with a beautiful woman. No! He will tempt you by saying, “You need this! You’re a man, God created you this way. It’s okay, no one will know.” Well, guess what? God knows! Remember, Satan not only wants to prevent you from knowing God, but he also wants to destroy your testimony. But here’s the truth; if you don’t pick up anything I’m saying, remember this: Satan has NO authority over God!

If we sin—and we will—God can wipe the slate clean. On the cross, Jesus did the work to cover our sins and make us right before God. If you’re a man who took Satan’s bait and sinned, finding yourself in a downward spiral, through God’s grace (His Son), you can receive total forgiveness. We get a clean record! And while you may still feel guilt for what you did, your testimony of experiencing God’s grace firsthand opens the door for you to encourage men who have done the same. Opportunities also present themselves for you to warn others not to take Satan’s destructive bait!

Men, first remember that God loves you. This is why He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for your sin and cover it. Second, remember that Satan hates anything God loves. If Satan hates God, then he hates God’s creation, which includes you and me.

Satan’s tactics are always the same! He offers fame to those who desire it, quick money for the wealthy, women for those seeking sexual gratification, the internet as a means of relief, alcohol to numb our minds, bad friends when we’re lonely, drugs for temporary escape. Yet, not once does Satan show us the outcome.

Galatians 5:19-21 challenges us fight our flesh and find freedom over sin.  Lean into God’s grace and stand strong against Satan’s deception.

Stay strong & vigilant,

Steve Thomas, RTM