Take My Yoke

The harness used by oxen and onagers was designed to ease the work of hauling a load. In Matthew 11, Jesus draws a parallel with this valuable agricultural tool.  “Come to me,” Jesus says, “and take my yoke upon you”. Able to bear the full load of our troubles and needs, Jesus commands us to come, take and learn from him.

Jesus’ original audience would not only have felt the weight of life’s hardships but also the weight of working under the yoke of the law or the yoke of the Pharisees. Adhering perfectly to 600 laws would have been an impossible task. This burden would have taken down even the most righteous of men. It is here that Jesus meets his audience and calls them to submit and abide in Him. As one finds rest in the gentle and meek nature of Jesus, their heavy yokes of works and law are replaced with easy yokes of Jesus and His work. Life isn’t guaranteed to be easy but Jesus gives assurance that our burdens will be light and rest will be granted for our souls in Him!