Speak, for your servant hears

I want God to speak to me and I want to be ready to listen and act. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been camped out in 1 Samuel. It’s a great book set in the middle of the Old Testament and full of practical wisdom and wild stories. The book chronicles the life of several key leaders in Israel from Samuel to Saul to King David.

As a boy, the Lord was trying to speak to this kid and unlike most young men, he was poised and eager to hear the Lord’s voice. On several different occasions, Samuel cried out in submission and humility “Here I am” & “Speak, for your servant hears (1 Sam 3:4,6,10).”

Men, God speaks. He reveals His attributes through creation (Psalms 19:1, Romans 1:20) but His clearest line of communication is through His Word.  As He speaks, his tone and inflections can be different depending on the passage or the season of life in which one finds themself. There are times when God’s voice is bold and boisterous seeking to communicate a simple truth that my hard head fails to heed. Other times, God speaks in a calm voice almost like a whisper requiring me to lean in and beg Him to repeat. Let me give an example, Steve leads a company Bible study in the office every Thursday and last week we studied the first 3 chapters of Galatians. I’ve read this epistle before and even spent time studying it but for some reason, its rich content seemed too deep for my mind to comprehend.

I have a daughter in 3rd grade and school can be difficult for her. I often find myself sitting at our kitchen table working on homework and subjects that she’s struggling to understand. In those moments, what is my posture and tone? If Madelyn is failing to work out a math problem or grasp a literary device, do I slam my fist on the table demanding that she become smarter? No, I gently affirm her. I speak tender truths and help her work toward the right solution. If I stay calm and collected, my soothing voice can confidently guide her to the path of truth.

I have 3 young boys at home who are always getting into trouble. What they need more times than not, is a firm and stern reprimand. They need to be given direction and then reminded of the consequences of error and disobedience.

Even though my tone and volume may be different, I truly want my communication with my children to be personal and loving. So back to Galatians. My first read-through felt cumbersome and disconnected but as I slowly re-read each verse, I began to gain understanding. Verses came to light and seemed to connect with others in the passage.

I close with a return to Samuel’s story. The verse that hit me the most and has served as that mighty shout from God is 1 Samuel 3:19. It says “And Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground.”

Samuel reviled in God’s Word. He discerned God’s voice and handled it with care. It was precious to him. Every word; every command was important. “(Samuel) let none of God’s words fall to the ground” and as a result, the Lord revealed Himself continually to Samuel throughout his life (v. 21).

Men, beg the Lord to speak to you. Pursue a relationship with God through His Word. Listen when He chooses to shout and be still enough to hear Jesus’ voice when he chooses to whisper.

Grant Giesler, RTM