High, High Hedges

Job feared the Lord! (The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom – Proverbs 9:10). Because of that reverent fear of God, the Lord prospered Job in many ways – family, business, and much more. In fact, God put a barrier or hedge around Job so he was protected. God had erected barriers for the sole purpose of protecting His servant from being harmed. How do we know this? Because when approached, Satan asks God ‘Have you not made a hedge around him and his house and all that he has, on every side’ (Job 1:10)? Simply, Satan said ‘God, I can’t get to Job because you have built a hedge (barriers) around him, his family and all he has!’ In other words, God’s hedge of protection meant off limits. No trespassing. Electric fence! No touching! He’s mine! The universe’s ultimate authority, God, personally built a hedge (barrier) around Job. Why? Because Job feared and honored the Lord. This hedge meant that no one could interfere with and interrupt his life. In fact, the only one that could remove the barriers was God. Remember Satan has no power over God and the only power he wields has been temporarily allowed by God. So even Satan must ask for the removal of the barriers. 

What did we see when the barrier was removed and God’s hand was lifted? We saw total devastation! His family, business, livestock, and health were affected! (Job 1:12-2:8) Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy; especially God’s chosen. When God removed the hedge from around Job the wheels started falling off.

What did Job do? He could have grown bitter and turned away from God or by faith continued to honor the Lord knowing that He has the ultimate authority! So Job waited patiently. Job’s faith was put to the test and he passed. Then what did God do? He erected the barriers again and Job’s protection and prosperity were restored. 

As a man, there are many critical lessons we learn from Job. First, God uses circumstances in life to develop our faith and foster a healthy fear of God. If we fear the Lord and honor Him in everything we do, God will erect barriers (hedges of protection) that protect us, our families, and our businesses. These barriers on each side protect us from unwanted outsiders and Satan’s attacks. Like Job, we need a holy hedge of protection around us. Second, God sometimes removes hedges. Why? I don’t have that answer. I wish I did. Job 42:3 says “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me.” We’re not always afforded the answers but we’re often given choices. Either we turn towards Him in faith or we get bitter and walk away from our faith. Men, I challenge you to stay faithful in the hard times. Like Job, stand firm in your faith and beg God for the barriers to rise and the blessings of the hedge to be restored.

Without God’s hedge, we can do nothing! Without God’s protection, we are left exposed to the enemy who has a singular purpose- destruction, and separation from God. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full – John 10:10 . The hedge that surrounded Job personally resulted from the alignment of his faith with God! Job took his role of honoring God seriously and God always reacts! A good father always blesses his children’s obedience.

Men, do you have a hedge of protection and if so how high is it? Are you cutting corners when it comes to trusting and obeying? Are you trusting God with every part of your life? Is having a personal hedge, like Job, important to you? We are given two pictures here; one with the hedge of protection erected and one with the hedge taken down. We all have two options. Do we risk what little prosperity we have by being double-minded or do we go ALL IN? Does Satan have to ask for God to take down the hedge or is it low, or worse, already down? I don’t know about you but I want a high, high hedge. One so high that the enemy can’t see me on the other side. Our hedge should be so high that the only one able to see us is our Heavenly Father who watches from above and my hope is that He’s smiling.

What is the first and primary step towards God building a hedge around you? Abide in Him! That starts by seeking His face daily; by learning God’s Word and doing His will! Job feared the Lord which meant he knew without God he could do nothing. We should do the same. Seek Him in prayer this week that He will guide you in the steps of honoring Him. Let Him know that you would like a personal hedge around you like Job had! 

Blessed is the man that seeks his Father’s face! 

RTM, Stephen L. Thomas